Entrepreneurial leadership- L luck, a helpful element

L as Luck, is one more element in our formula of the DNA of an entrepreneurial leader. It’s possibly the most questionable element, given its irrational nature. There have been politicians and great leaders who used to take important decisions after consulting seers and horoscopes. Most people will find this amusing, but we have all crossed our fingers, or touched wood, or performed who knows what other propitiatory gestures at some point, hoping it could affect our destiny, then justifying this behavior with the phrase: “I don’t believe in this, but….”

Truth is, that entrepreneurial leaders are beyond any doubt lucky people. Their actions, even the most reckless, seem to hit their target, the environment around them is favorable to them to the point we think they seem surrounded by a curious halo of positivity that spreads to partners and co-workers. We are left to wonder why this irrational feeling sometimes seems to prevail over logic.

According to Machiavelli, the fortunes and misfortunes of a leader are determined by their attitude and disposition, or “nature”, as well as by the circumstances. So, entrepreneurial leaders create their own fortune.

From Johannes Gutenberg to Jeff Bezos, from Henry Ford to Jack Ma, Enzo Ferrari, Bill Gates, all of them created and brought to success projects, enterprises and products thanks to the combined action of their entrepreneurial skills.
Optimisms, ambition and genius don’t need luck, just like luck has nothing to do with curiosity, the will to learn or with talent. It is certain, however, that this positive and daring attitude, the courage to walk on yet unexplored paths, makes it so that, for some unexplainable reasons, the events take a favorable turn.

It’s possible that the luck of the entrepreneurial leader doesn’t stem from chance, but likely it is summoned by their human qualities. Their ability to be empathetic attracts people’s benevolence like a positive flux. Their charisma attracts people and convinces them, without the need to insist or persuade.

It’s not the events, positive or negative, that we face in our life that affect our ability to achieve our goals, it’s the way we react to them. Entrepreneurial leaders react with balance, avoiding easy enthusiasm when things sail smooth and keeping a firm hold on the situation instead, in case of a bad turn of events.

In between rationality and the unfathomable, as we try to understand the attitude of the blindfolded goddess towards our entrepreneurial leaders, we are tempted to rule out the fact that luck may exist in itself. More likely, it can be summed up as the moment in which talent meets opportunity.

Sergio Cordone
Senior manager
Contract Manager s.r.l.