Merger and Acquisition

Acquisizioni e Cessioni di società

Strategically significant events, such as the acquisition of a company, the disposal of an area of business or the winding up of a company: these are all circumstances that may lend themselves to temporary management. They occur once in the lifetime of a company and they require teams of expert, effective managers who have already faced similar situations and who are ready to set aside everyday management duties to face the challenge of such events.

These managers are usually General Managers or Chief Executive Officers. As such, they are far from easy to identify within the company, even in large corporations. In this case, an organization such as Contract Manager s.r.l. offers the ideal solution, the least risky and the most economically efficient solution.  In our stable team of interim managers we have General Managers and CEOs with experience of managing a range of such extraordinary situations.

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New acquisitions usually require simplifying the structure of the target company, reducing headcount, removing some of the senior managers of the old régime and streamlining the company’s processes. It must all be done very quickly, so as to be able to move towards the integration of the new company and the exploitation of its existing commercial and industrial assets. Sometimes it may be useful to call in Contract Manager s.r.l. to carry out restructuring before disclosure of the identity of the acquiring group.


This is usually the disposal of those areas, activities or companies which are failing to produce desired results. One contribution that Contract Manager s.r.l. can make is to give the company a “makeover” before selling it off, through restructuring it, in part or entirely, to so present the buyer with a more appealing acquisition.

Contract Manager s.r.l. does not play a role in promoting disinvestments, but rather in managing the restructuring processes associated with them.

Mergers and Acquisitions are part of our core business thanks to our links with industrial groups, private equity funds and institutional investors.


This is a secondary activity, but one in which we have nonetheless been engaged for over 30 years. Mostly they have been cases of voluntary winding-ups by groups or entrepreneurs who wished to exit the business without resorting to bankruptcy proceedings, so avoiding damage to their good name and image in the eyes of the business community. In such cases it is advisable to turn to managers who have already supervised closures. Besides, before calling in lawyers and accountants, they can ensure that all the management processes have been properly wound up: relations with suppliers, banks, human resources, trade unions, customers, technical assistance and existing contracts.
It is advisable to engage a skilled manager to make the most of existing tangible and intangible assets. If this phase is carefully managed, it is possible for the company to avoid a sudden and serious loss in value.

Assignments in this area usually last 1 or 2 years.

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