Clients often ask who interim managers are, where they come from, what they do and how we identify them. It’s not easy to answer. We could answer in a few words that our interim managers are the result of more than 30 years of our company’s history in temporary management.

Contract managers, men and women alike, are curious people, who don’t want to stop learning, who want to face and solve new management issues. Their ages range from 40 to 65 but sometimes they are older. They all have brilliant careers behind them, marked by positive results and a variety of experience in family-owned and multinational organizations. They have worked with us for anything between five and twenty years.

Some managers work with us repeatedly. Some work on 2- or 3-year assignments then take a break. Some work with us only for a single project.

There are versatile managers, such as General Managers from technical companies, and highly specialized managers who, once their mission is accomplished, cease to work with us. Of course, anyone who has ever worked with Contract Manager s.r.l. joins the ranks of interim managers and will always have the possibility to work with us again if they want to, if an interesting project comes up.

Contract Manager’s resources are selected from our Contract Manager Network, the largest interim management network in Italy, with as many as 7500 managers selected over the more than 30 years we have been in operation.

When we conduct a search, we can quickly match queries with up to 50 parameters.

Beside their curriculum, for every manager we have a standardized classification where all the outputs of interviews, projects, results achieved and other information are stored.

The time it takes to carry out a search is usually quite short: it varies from 7 to 25 days.

The client is presented with the manager we think is most suitable to solve the identified issues. We do not provide a shortlist of candidates. We do not provide CVs. We provide solutions.

Contract Manager’s resources are divided into the following categories:

PARTNERS: Company partners

SENIOR MANAGERS: Managers who belong to the Contract Manager Senior Team

MANAGERS OF CONTRACT MANAGER’S NETWORK: About 7500 managers who make up the Contract Manager Network, the largest interim management network in Italy. These are managers we have selected and deemed suitable for interim manager activity.

Thanks to Partners, the Senior Team and the Contract Manager Network we can select the most suitable manager for the issues we’re called to face in a very short time (7-25 days). This means we are able to solve any management problem.