Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Italian industry has been hit hard by mandatory lockdowns and challenges to keeping supply chains up and running.

The post-Covid-19 era will not be short; at best it will take at least three to five years to get back to the pre-pandemic situation, all in a general climate of uncertainty. As a result, production, logistics and supply chain are currently a main cause for concern for management.

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To provide an answer to these and other significant issues, Contract Manager has created the “Operations Center of Excellence”, headed by Renato Marelli and bringing together managers in Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Research & Development and Project Management. Contract Manager and the specialists of the “Operations Center of Excellence” can provide support in the following areas:

Optimization of manufacturing processes

Streamlining the entire production process to meet customer expectations through:

  • constant control of production costs (direct and indirect labor, OEE, non-conformities) and distribution costs through the monitoring of specific KPIs;
  • use of automation and flexible integrated systems;
  • technological innovation;
  • reduction of company costs.

Supply Chain

The focus must be on ensuring business continuity. To guarantee agility and resilience often requires a review of the entire supply and logistics chain (from internal production planning to orders, supply of raw materials and components, warehousing and shipments), to so improve efficiency and service levels for customers.


Review of procurement processes is essential to achieving cost reductions. Procurement planning, global sourcing, supplier qualification systems, framework contracts with suppliers and training.

Lean manufacturing

Company targets must be achieved by lean means, using only essential resources. In order to do so, all elements of the value chain must be optimized, minimizing waste and applying the World Class Manufacturing principles of the automotive industry.

Industry 4.0

Technological improvement projects that aim to increase productivity and efficiency by promoting the interconnection and cooperation between both internal resources (plants, people, data) and those at other points in the value chain. Where possible, taking advantage of government incentives (tax breaks, soft loans, etc.).

Project Management

Project management’s essential premise is a shift from a product-centric culture to a process-centric culture. Some possible fields of application are the launch of new products, the implementation of new production/ technical projects, research & development, feasibility studies, reallocation of resources, contractual services, plant expansion.

Interventions in this area may last between 6 and 24 months, depending on the complexity of the assignment.