The Senior Team brings together a group of managers who all share a common vision of how temporary management should be conducted, the Contract Manager approach. The team is made up of managers who have already worked with us, or who have been selected to work with us. They are professionals with experience of a wide range of company roles: General Management, Marketing and Sales, Administration, Finance and Control, Human Resources, Operations and Information Technology. A network of qualified senior executives with shared values.

Fabrizio Albino Russo

Management degree from University of Turin. Business Administration degree from University of Turin-School of Business Administration. Logistic and Purchasing manager of Ferrero Ingegneria S.p.A. for five years and then Facility Manager and Purchasing Manager for one year. Logistic and Purchasing Manager of Termoindustriale Group for one year; Logistic and Purchasing Manager in Stola Group for four years; EMEA Commodity Manager in UTC Group for one year; Logistic and Purchasing Manager in ATR s.r.l., Logistic and Purchasing Manager in Model Master S.p.A. Then he becomes Corporate Sr. Director Strategic Sourcing in Circor Group for seven years. He works as consultant and interim manager in area Purchasing and Supply Chain. He is certified APICS-CPIM, CIPS-MCIPS and he is also Chairman R&D Committee of ADACI.

Nicola Baranello

Mechanical Engineering degree from Politecnico of Neaples. For 25 years in Fiat Group. At first he’s been in charge of dynamic tests and biomechanics for four years, then he’s worked in the various companies of the group for 21 years. Head of Logistics at Fiat Auto Termoli, then Head of Production Services. IVECO Plant, Production and Business Unit Manager for nine years. CEO in a union of mechanical companies that work as Fiat suppliers. General Manager of ITIERRE Group. For the last 15 years he has worked as interim General Manager in the following sectors: mechanical constructions, components for motorbikes, automotive, logistics, food industry.

Fabrizio Benassi

Political Sciences degree from University of Milan. Assistant to HR Director in Whirlpool S.p.A. Italia for one year. Account in Conquest Europe s.r.l. for two years. Advertising & Communication Supervisor in Replastic (CoRePla) for one year. Organizational Development & Communication Manager and European Resources Development & Training Manager in Whirlpool Europe S.p.A for five years. HR Training, Development & Communication Manager for Warner Lambert Group for one year, HR Director in Pfizer Italia S.p.A. for two years. HR Director in Cadbury Schweppes Plc. for three years. He currently works as consultant and interim manager in area Human Resources.

Paolo Bottura

Philosophy- Mathematical Logic degree from University of Milan. Sales Director in Cisco Systems for four years. CEO of Tinweb for two years and CEO of Oikonet for two further years. Vice President-Medium Large Customer of Siemens Enterprise Communication S.p.A. for three years. Global Strategic Alliance Director of Cisco Systems for one year. CEO of Sole 24 Ore Software Holding and Esa Software S.p.A. for one year. Country Manager of Cordys for three years. Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Clouditalia Communications S.p.A.for two years. President of CloudEVO for two years. Executive Vice President of ITWAY for one year. Co-founder, President and CEO of Ekogrid Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA) and Ekogrid Srl. Member of the Supervisory Board of swyMe Holding B.V. (Netherland) for three years. Founder and President of Smeconsu Sagl (Lugano CH) since 2020.

Guido Bucchi

Business Studies degree from University of Genoa. Consultant in AT Kearney S.p.A. for five years. Transportation and Fleet Manager in Coca-Cola HBC for five years. Logistic Manager Italy-Europe of BASF Vernici Inchiostri S.p.A. for three years and Corporate Supply Chain Manager- Supply Chain Manager Italy, Germany, China, Japan in Bracco S.p.A. for two years. Interim Supply Chain Manager in Farchemia s.r.l. for one year and then Corporate Supply Chain Director of Sicad S.p.A. for eleven years. He currently works as a consultant and interim manager in area Supply Chain.

Diego Vittorio Buratto

A graduate Surveyor. Head of the Multi-layer Division in ECS San Maurizio Canavese for four years. Team Leader and FIAT Trainee in IVECO, then for ten years he is Head of Drawn Division in Saiag SpA. Production Manager of BTR Saiag Sealing Systems SpA for four years and for another five years he is Operations Manager of Metzeler Automotive Profile System. In Cooper Standard he is Plant Manager in Piotrokòv trybunalski, Poland for four years. Employed by Adler Pelare Group, he works as Plant Manager in Pesaro for for years and in Pianfei for another three years. He currently works as consultant and temporary manager in Manufacturing area. 

Livia Cocconcelli

Literature degree from University of Milan. Psychology degree from University La Sapienza, Rome. Junior Recruiter in Kenneth & Ferguson s.r.l. for one year. In Saipem S.p.A. she’s at first Recruiting and Training Specialist for five years, then Training Manager for four years. Recruiting and Development Manager for Hilti Italia S.p.A. for two years. Recruiting, Communication and Training Manager in VDC Technologies S.p.A. for five years. HR Manager Europe in Sherwin Williams Automotive Europe S.p.A. for four years. Temporary HR Manager in Convert Italia S.p.A. for one years and HR Director of OM Group for three years. She works as consultant and interim manager in area Human Resources, with special focus on recruiting, training and career plans.

Antonio Conta

Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Genoa. Project Engineer of Fincantieri S.p.A. for seven years, then Chief Project Engineer of Techint S.p.A. for six years. Project Manager of Pomini S.p.A. for ten years and Senior Project Manager of VAI Pomini S.p.A. for five years. After that, he is Project Director in Siemens VAI Metal Technologies s.r.l. – Primetals Technologies for nine years. He currently works as consultant and interim manager in area Project Management..

Sergio Cordone

Business Economics degree from University L. Bocconi of Milan. Business Analyst of NCR for two years. FP&A Manager in Sun Microstystems for five years. For seventeen years he’s worked in Cisco Systems, with the roles of Administration Manager Italy for five years, Regional Senior Controller Europe for five years, Director Business Operation -New Markets for three years and last Chief Financial Officer Middle Europe for four years. He currently works as consultant and interim manager in area Administration, Finance and Control.

Francesco Crotti

Business Economics degree. Project Manager of Prosvi s.r.l. for four years. Product Manager of Fujifilm Italia S.p.A. for two years. Marketing Manager of Sharp Electronics Italia S.p.A. for three years. Sales and Marketing Manager and Area Sales Manager Italy of Macchingraf S.p.A. (Buhrmann Group) for three years. Marketing Manager Italy and Xerox Global Services Director of Xerox S.p.A. for three years. Digital Print Division Director of Macchingraf S.p.A. for two years, Italy and Iberia Business Director of Kodak Italia S.p.A. (Eastman Kodak Company) for two years. He’s worked in HP Italy for fourteen years, with the roles of Country Business Manager for eight years, EMEA Business Director for four years and Country Business Director Italy for two further years. He works as consultant and interim manager.

Giorgio Damiano

Business Economics degree from University L. Bocconi, Milan. Controller of Mazzucchelli S.p.A. for four years. For six years he has worked in Contract Manager s.r.l., in charge of making financial analysis for audits, financial restructuring plans and business plans for new enterprises. He has done Merger & Acquisition activities, managing the financial and general management aspects of the acquisition. CEO of SGM s.r.l. for nine years. He currently works as CEO of Misani S.p.A. and as interim manager in area Control, Finance and General Management.

Alessandra De Gaetano

Political Economy degree from University L. Bocconi of Milan. At first she works as researcher in the Political Economy II department at the same University. After that and after a first experience in marketing for Toshiba Information System S.p.A, she develops her career as executive for the Autogrill Group, where she works for twenty-eight years in the following roles: Product & Development Manager Italy, Operations Manager QSR Italy, Marketing Manager Corporate Europe, Chief Operating Officer City and department stores, Country General Manager Iberia, Chief Operating Officer Italy, Group Concept Director and again Country General Manager Iberia. After that she is Global Retail Director for Illycaffè S.p.A. She currently works as interim manager and consultant.

Paolo Fontana

Law degree from University of Ferrara and one in Human Resources and Business Organization. Master’s degree in marketing, Sales and International Business from University of Wales. Business Inspector in Yamaha for three years, Area Manager of BMW for two years, Sales Director Italy and Export of Nava Moto for one year. Abroad and Italy Sales Manager in Ori for two years. International Marketing Manager of SMEG for three years. Administrator of ProFashion Marketing and Distribution for two years, then Foreign Sales Manager of Pompea Group for four years, International Delopment Manager in the US for Danskin Inc. (Givenchy) for seven years. He has taken up several roles as CEO and Member of the Board. He currently works as interim manager in area Foreign Sales.

Andrea Forzenigo

Industrial Engineering degree from Politecnico of Milan. For five years in Hewlett Packard Co. (computer technology) with the roles of Buyer for Electro-Mechanical components BHC Division; Procurement Specialist for DRAM – BHC Division; Procurement Manager- BHC Division. Materials Manager in Nacco Materials Handling S.p.A. (lift trucks) for two years. Fo five years in General Electric (technologies and services) as Materials Manager Europe. Managing Director- Plant Manager, Operations Manager. VP Operations of Pentair Water EMEA-Pentair Inc. (water treatment) for two years. Global Manufacturing Operation Manager of Nortel Networks Inc. (communication systems) for two years. For fourteen years in Sidel (packaging for drinks) with the global roles of VP and Executive VP Supply Chain and Operations. He currently works as a consultant and interim manager in area Operations.

Roberto Gagliardi

Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Politecnico of Milan. Stress Analysis and Structure Engineering in Franco Tosi S.p.A. (energy plants). Pressure Vessel & Stress Analysis Engineer in Foster Wheeler (plant engineering and services) for one year. Project Manager in Riva Calzoni S.p.A. (energy plants). Head of Technical Department in Plastic S.p.A. (machinery for plastic materials) for four years. Ten years in Pirelli Pneumatici S.p.A. (tyres) with the following roles: Head of Machinery Department- Milan, Head of Production in the plant of Settimo Torinese TO,  Head of Production Engineering in the plant of Settimo vettura and then Head of Vehicle and Motorbike process development in the Head Quarter of Milan. For two years he’s worked as Head of Technical Services BU in Ceva Logistics Italia. In Cannon Group, he’s worked first as Technical Director of Tecnos S.p.A. (machines for plastic materials) for two years and then as Chief Operating Officer and Technical Services of Afros S.p.A. (machines for PU injection) for eight years. He currently works as consultant and temporary management in area Operations. 

Marco Gradenigo

Mechanical Engineering degree from Politecnico of Milan and Master’s degree from SA Bocconi of Milan. Project Manager in Worthington Pompe Italia S.p.A. for two years. Planning and Control manager of two divisions in Novartis S.p.A. After that he has worked as Controller for Maglificio Bellia S.p.A. Great experience in the automotive industry after twenty years in Ferrari S.p.A., first as Planning and Control Manager, then CFO of Ferrari Suisse SA in Geneva for five years, then Financial Controller and Compliance Officer of Ferrari Group. He’s been a Member of the Board of Fondazione Ferrari and Ferrari Financial Serices S.p.A. He currently works as consultant and interim manager in area Administration, Finance and Control and Compliance.

Julius Andreas Höh

Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Stuttgart. Mechanical Researcher and Industrial Metrology Engineer of Carl Zeiss AG- Oberkochen for seven years. Department Manager of industrial metrology division with sales, certifications and service in Carl Zeiss S.p.A.- Milan for over five years. For fourteen years in PFERD-Giolo s.r.l. with the roles of Sales and Technical Assistance Manager and then CEO. CEO in Andreas Stihl S.p.A. for eight years. He currently works as interim manager in area General Management.

Riccardo Pavesi

Degree in Business Economics at University of Pavia. Assistant to the General Manager in Dalma Biadesivi s.r.l. for three years. Financial & Industrial Controller in Foxboro Italia S.p.A. Btr Group for six years. Fiancial Director and Industrial Controller in Cattini & Figlio S.p.A. for another six years. Financial & Industrial Controller of the Nigerian company Wams Ltd. in Kenya. Financial Controller and Group Corporate Controller in Cama Group S.p.A. He currently works as consultant and interim manager in area Administration and Control.

Pierfilippo Roggero

Nuclear Engineering degree from Politecnico of Milan. Sales Representative of Honeywell Information Systems S.p.A. for one year, Large Account Sales Representative for two years and Branch Sales Manager for three years. After one year as Strategic Marketing Manager South Europe in Schlumberger S.p.A., he is hired in Apple Computers Inc. where he works as Sales Director Italy for two years, Marketing Director Italy for two years and Business Unit Director BeNeLux for another year. Sales Director in Sun Microsystems S.p.A. for three years, Business Units Director of Siemens Informatica S.p.A. for four years; then he is CEO of Fujitsu Technology Solutions S.p.A. for eight years and CEO Western Europe for three years in the same company. For another three years he is CEO of Exprivia Group S.p.A. He works as consultant and interim manager.

Duilio Sgorbani

Packaging Manager and Head of Food Packaging Unit in Unilever (chemicals and food) for sixteen years. Senior Vice President Supply Chain- Household care division in Unilever (household care products) for five years. Industrial Director of Parmalat S.p.A. (dairy products and juice) for three years. Chief Operating Officer of Intercos S.p.A. (cosmetics) for two years. Managing Director of Co.Far.Pa. Cooperativa Farmacisti Parma (pharmaceutical goods) for one year. Chief Executive Officer of Unifarm S.p.A. Unione Farmacisti Trentini (pharmaceutical goods) for six years. Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer of SALPA S.c.a.r.l. (frozen vegetables). Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of Taplast s.r.l. (plastic dispensers) for two years.He currently works as consultant and interim manager in area Operations.

Alessandro Stanzani

Business Economics degree from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan. Audio Video Product Manager in Sanyo Italiana for two years. Employed in Canon Italia, he spends eight years in the company with he following roles: Camrecorder Product Manager for two years; Photo Video Marketing Manager for five years, Marketing Director Consumer Products for one year. Head of European Marketing Consumer-Imaging BU of Canon Europe in Amsterdam (NL) for the following five years. Country Director- Consumer Imaging BU (Surrey-UK) of Canon UK and Ireland for four years. Moved to London’s headquarters, he becomes European Sales Director and Deputy Chief Consumer Imaging BU for four years and then Executive Vice President Canon Europe- Consumer Imaging Group BU for five years. Strategy Advisor EMEA of Renewtrack Ltd. for two years and, after that, Strategy and Business Development Director of Also International S.p.A. He currently works as a consultant and temporary management.

Marco Stucchi

Senior High School Diploma in Accounting and Administration. Master in Planning and management. He builds up his career in International Paper Italia s.r.l., an American paper and packaging corporate, leader in the industry. Administrative Employee for eight years, Plant Controller and Assistant for another two years, Plant Controller with direct report to the CFO of the branch for two years, Headquarter Controller and Regional Credit Manager for one year, Plant Controller and Headquarter Controller for two years, Site Manager of the plant in Bellusco (MB) for three years. He currently works and consultant and interim management in area Administration, Finance and Control.

Michele Vitiello

Mechanical Engineering degree from University Federico II of Neaples. Four years in various production offices of Fiat Trattori in Modena, then seven years in Mandelli (PC), first with the role of Project Manager and then as Plant Manager of PAMA, Rovereto (TN). For eleven years in SASIB-SIG first as Operation Manager of Medium Speed, then Purchasing Director of the BU, General Manager of Ricciarelli (PT) and then Industrial Activities Manager of the BU. After that he becomes CEO of CMC (PG) and then he is employed in Bobst Group as CEO and General Manager for eight years, then Head of Operations BU WF for two years. He is President of Federmanager Piacenza. He works as consultant and interim manager.