Check-Up Aziendale

When the company situation turns critical, when the numbers are discouraging and when there are contrasting opinions about how to solve the problem, when the circumstances are objectively complex, and solutions are hard to find… These are all situations that call for a thorough check-up of the entire company, or parts of it, by external experts.

How does the Check-Up work?

Usually, a team of three, or sometimes more, managers comes into the company and gathers information, interviewing the company’s top management and the heads of the various departments and functions.

The check-up lasts from 20 to 40 calendar days and finishes with a presentation to the Board of the team’s analysis and diagnosis, and of the steps required to turn the situation around.

Contract Manager has developed its own original method, well-honed in over a hundred check-ups conducted.

The value of a check-up carried out by Contract Manager lies in three factors: independence and impartiality of judgement, depth of analysis and the quality of the turnaround strategies identified.

The strategy proposed is then implemented by the Contract Manager team in the following phase, which at that point actually becomes a temporary management project.

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