How we work

Phases of the assignment

Phases of the assignment

Phase One: Meeting the client

After the first contact, we fix a meeting at the offices of the company that has called us in. This meeting may be followed by others. This is done for two main purposes:

  1. to get a clear picture of the real problem to be dealt with (this is often very different from the one initially described by the client)
  2. to understand the company culture, in other words its management style.

Once we have a clear picture of the problem and the management style, we are in a better position to decide what kind of manager or assignment the client company needs to solve the problem.

This phase lasts a couple of days.

Phase Two: Audit

This phase is optional in the case of executive search for specific functions or project management assignments. In complex situations it is, in any case, advisable to carry out an organizational audit, so as to have a better understanding of the problem and to identify the profile of the right manager for the assignment.
An audit is always required when dealing with restructuring assignments to solve a serious crisis. Our team conducts a thorough check-up of the company, arrives at a diagnosis and then draws up an action plan for restructuring and relaunching the company. This phase may last between 15 and 30 days.

Phase Three: Research

Once the goals of the interim management assignment have been set and the profile of the right manager defined, the client appoints Contract Manager s.r.l. to identify the interim manager for the assignment. The research is done within 7-25 days.

Phase Four: Management

This is the phase which most distinctly characterizes the temporary management approach. It is when the interim manager takes up his/her designated role in the company. He/she is introduced to the team and, having received the necessary powers, starts to work.

In this phase, quality of execution and client satisfaction are monitored through regular progress meetings between the temporary manager, the Contract Manager s.r.l. quality manager and representatives of the client company. During the course of the project the temporary manager has to prepare the way for his/her successor and take part in the selection process, so ensuring continuity.

The contract may last from six months to three years.

Contract Manager s.r.l. has adopted an organisational model compliant with Legislative Decree 231/01.

Contract Manager s.r.l. has been granted Ministerial Authorization N° 0000044 of 08/04/2019 for Executive Search activity.