Who we are

What makes Contract Manager unique

There are two factors, built up over our history, which make Contract Manager unique:

The ability to analyze and diagnose business problems

This comes from the years spent in strategic consultancy with CAST s.r.l., founded by professors from Milan’s Bocconi University and SDA Bocconi Business School, among which Claudio Demattè, Vittorio Coda, Giorgio Invernizzi, Alessandro Sinatra.

The ability to identify the most suitable managers for each assignment

This comes from a working model created and constantly fine-tuned over the 30 years in which we have worked on complex change management assignments.

We specialize in solving management problems
We are a trusted, reliable partner
We are fast and effective

We are an Italian consultancy, specialized in temporary / interim management. Thanks to our membership with IXPA we are able to assist companies and Italian groups operating abroad.

Our pillars are:

  1. An innovative business analysis and diagnosis model
  2. An efficient system for selecting and searching for managers and for managing records
  3. A network listing over 7.500 profiles of selected managers
  4. Rapid response to requests for temporary management: from 7 to 25 days
  5. A consistent management style and values shared by all our selected managers
  6. Independence and transparency in our dealings with business owners and their employees
  7. Provision of solutions, not just CVs
  8. Supervision of the progress of the assignment by a quality manager in our team
  9. Compliance with Legislative Decree 231/01 requirements

The result of all this is a unique spirit, a strong culture and a successful method that together make Contract Manager s.r.l. a reliable, specialized partner, supporting Italian companies to solve serious and complex business issues.