How we work

The contract

The contractual relationship of a conventional temporary management assignment is of a triangular nature, linking three different parties in a transparent arrangement:

  1. The company providing the service (Contract Manager s.r.l.)
  2. The client company
  3. The temporary manager + quality manager

Responsibility for the quality and success of the assignment rests on Contract Manager s.r.l., which invoices the client company for its services and pays the managers involved in the temporary management assignment.

The client company appoints the temporary manager, conferring upon him/her special powers of attorney for ordinary administration.  These powers are defined case by case according to the specific needs of each project.


This triangular contractual relationship, as shown above, was first drawn up in 1988 by Giorgio Treglia, a lawyer specialized in Labor Law. It was the first of its kind in Italy and has since been adopted by other providers in this sector.

The temporary management assignment is regulated by:

  • a single contract in the most simple cases
  • two contracts in more difficult, complex cases: one for the audit / planning phase and one for the management phase

The audit phase is billed on a one-off fee basis. The management phase is invoiced on a monthly basis and the fee varies according to the number of managers involved, the duration of the assignment and the size of the client company. The fee may be related to the results achieved.  For the client company it is a fixed charge, which will remain unchanged for the duration of the assignment.