How we work

Customized solutions

Interim management assignments require a tailored approach.

We need to understand the company’s culture, its values, its current situation and the strategic and operational difficulties it is facing.

Therefore, we need to have a picture of the organization and of the management resources available.  This allows us to define the right profile for the task and the goals and duration of the assignment.  We usually recommend an audit of the company or the function.

To do this, we work alongside the top management and the owners to find the right solution in the fastest way possible.

Contract Manager’s customized solutions are characterized as follows:

  • We visit the client company to understand its issues and management style
  • We provide customized interim management solutions
  • We identify effective solutions in a very short time
  • We look for the “perfect match” between the client company and the chosen manager
  • We appoint a quality manager to work alongside the interim manager
  • We take responsibility for achieving agreed goals
  • We regularly monitor the progress of the assignment
  • We define the cost and the duration of the assignment in advance
  • We have adopted an organizational model compliant with Legislative Decree 231/01