Internationalization – temporary export manager (TEM)

Internazionalizzazione Export Manager

We live in a globalized world, where companies operate on a worldwide scale. Europe is now our domestic market. A leading niche company has to see the whole world as its market. Many Italian large and medium-sized family-owned companies have carved out a place for themselves in the main world markets: North America, Brazil, China, Europe, India, Russia. Among them, companies such as Geox, Mapei, Tod’s, Technogym, Kerakoll, Brembo, Bulgari and Campari.

Our companies face a daunting array of challenges.  Among them: growing pressure from international competitors and increasingly high standards of quality offered by them, ever-changing patterns in consumer behavior in foreign markets, fast exchange of information on a global scale, new partnerships worldwide.

Our services

Occasional one-off attempts at selling abroad do not count as an internationalization strategy.

Contract Manager offers companies seeking to internationalize direct knowledge of international markets, helping them to:

  • develop business relations and get access to the right distribution channels
  • select the right products to offer
  • identify the best logistics solutions, with the best prices and terms of payment
  • build direct relations with foreign customers and chains, while developing relations with potential business partners

Contract Manager offers companies interested in breaking into international markets expert temporary managers who have worked as Temporary Export Managers -TEMs and as Commercial Directors.  They are able to draw up an effective operating plan to achieve expected results:

  • selecting the target countries to address in order to grow turnover
  • striking the right balance between traditional and digital business
  • creating a mixed sales network (direct salesforce, agents, distributors, branches) in order to ensure coverage in targeted countries
  • coordinating the activity of internal and external resources involved in foreign sales
  • reviewing existing sales policy to identify what actions need to be undertaken to support internationalization

Internationalization assignments can last between 6 and 12 months

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