Business development and marketing

Sviluppo Commerciale e Marketing

Recent events worldwide have led to a paradigm shift in the way business is conducted. As a result, business development can no longer ignore digital technology and communication via social media.

E-commerce has made giant inroads in all advanced economies and continues to conquer new ground.

Such a game-changing phenomenon requires a new approach, new tools for analysis and evaluation, and a constant effort to keep abreast of developments.

This creates the need for a business development plan that provides balance and coordination between both traditional and digital sales and marketing operations across markets.

Our Services

Business development requires a tailored approach, involving new managerial resources that can provide experience and innovation. It is possible to develop a marketing plan aimed at both improving the relationship with existing customers and at building relations with potential ones. To do so requires:

  • analyzing online and offline markets to identify customers
  • defining and segmenting the market
  • implementing new, advanced sales strategies and techniques
  • monitoring competition and acquiring an in-depth knowledge of competitors
  • working to define a specific, customized offer
  • Questi risultati sono conseguibili grazie alla fitta rete di relazioni intrattenute regolarmente dai nostri Temporary Sales Manager TM.

This can be achieved thanks to the large network of Temporary Sales Managers TM that we have built up. Our Temporary Sales Managers TM are able to manage the entire Marketing and Sales operation and to provide the following services:

  • an understanding of the company’s goals, in terms of positioning, product range, markets and sales channels
  • analysis of target markets, geographically and in terms of distribution, offer and competitors
  • definition of an integrated strategy for online sales and social media marketing
  • analysis and definition of image and corporate digital communication
  • support in the drawing up of marketing plans, focusing especially on positioning, target markets, sales budgets (marketing strategies) and gross margins
  • assistance in the development of the sales network and professional salesforce training
  • support in opening up new markets, channels and distribution models

Interventions in this area can last from 1 to 3 years.