Entrepreneurial Leadership – The DNA of entrepreneurial leader

Entrepreneurship lies at the core of an enterprise. It is the trait that characterizes the entrepreneurial leader. Each and every one of us may be an entrepreneurial leader.
Entrepreneurial leadership, in today’s world, should permeate the entire organization. It definitely should be a feature of all the executives. I say “should” because the reality is still not quite so.

For this reason, here in Contract Manager we decided to elaborate upon the meaning of “Entrepreneurial leadership” (EL) by publishing a series of contents about this topic. We are going to regularly publish short contents, ideas, tools and prompts about this, pills to share with our readers.

Our contributions derive from our daily experience with entrepreneurs and managers of small and large companies, both Italian and corporates.

Contract Manager has a privileged viewpoint/vantage point because, we’ve been looking for managers with entrepreneurial skills since our establishment in 1989, people who are able to manage important and complicated assignments and temporary management projects in all sorts of companies.

We’ve always dealt with businessmen who founded and developed their own companies, so we have learnt to recognize their distinctive features, the ones that make them unique.

We can all measure ourselves against the formula of the entrepreneurial DNA, which was drafted by me and Giorgio Bianchini back in 1989. It was a rough, humorous formula. Later on, I refined it and I published it on my book “Imprenditore Nato”, Il Sole 24 Ore Edizioni in 1998, almost ten years later.

Today we’ve taken it out again, polished it and improved it with the necessary traits to work in the world to be.

I’d like for the formula to be the starting point for reflections and discussions, as well as for it to be the prompt for entrepreneurial growth in each of us.

Here is the formula of the DNA of the entrepreneurial leader:

EL= (N+ES+R) x SS³+CT+ (A x O) +TB+L+ (AS x II)

Feel free to have fun and try to find out in advance the meaning of each element. You are welcome to contribute to the discussion and improve it on our Linkedin page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/3271977/

Angelo Vergani
Contract Manager s.r.l.