Entrepreneurial leadership- AS adaptive skills, II inclination to innovation

“Innovation” factor, the element for survival

The entrepreneurial leader is faced every day with an ever-changing environment, where changes in the economic, political and social systems happen fast. While facing this challenge, a leader must keep, and possibly improve, their competitive advantage.
This combination between the ability to adapt to the changes of the society and the inclination to improve and innovate, is a distinctive feature of entrepreneurial leadership.

AS= adaptive skills

It’s typical human nature to prefer the comfort of balance to the uncertainty of change. However, the ability to adapt and evolve has always been an essential element of survival in nature.

The entrepreneurial leader avoids the trap of idleness and favors a flexible, change-oriented organization in their company. The CEO of a big high-tech company called this attitude “healthy paranoia”: to change when you are at the top of success in order to take advantage of the social changes that will eventually follow through.

In this case, the nose for business proves useful to intercept the signals that anticipate great changes. This attitude reaches its peak when the company itself, with its change, sets in motion the change in the economic environment. Steve Jobs makes a good example.

II= inclination to innovation

Adaptive skills go hand in hand with the inclination to innovation. This manifests itself mainly in the leader’s constant push towards the innovation of their products/services. To do this, they address resources and attention to research and development.

Entrepreneurial leaders have a keen eye on the innovation of processes in their company’s organization. They create an environment in which every employee is encouraged to innovate in their area, becoming a center of change. The entrepreneurial leader favors the so called “risk taking” attitude as far as ideas and non-conventional activities are concerned, pairing it with benefits and career opportunities.

Innovation factor

AS and II complete each other, and their combination (ASxII) gives what we defined as “innovation factor”, which plays a key role in the DNA of an entrepreneurial leader, as it increases their ability to make their company grow and develop tdespite troubles and social and economic changes. All this while defining and communicating their vision at all company levels, thus inspiring the whole company to actively take part in the process. Like William Somerset Maughman wrote: “Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely“.

Sergio Cordone
Senior Manager
Contract Manager s.r.l.