Entrepreneurial Leadership – Nose for business, an essential element

To have a nose for business, an instinct, the skill to understand what direction to give to the business by detecting small signals.

A businessman surely possesses such skills, they have a radar that catches each small clue of a change in the market: new necessities, new market trends, technologies that can be deployed, systems of values, choices of the competitors, government actions.

The process to elaborate these signals is essentially creative and original. From this process derive entrepreneurial intuitions that come into being thanks to the nose for business.

This kind of skill is puzzling for those who do not possess it, as they can’t understand how the businessman can be so confident in his choices and in the risk they take without first doing a detailed analysis and without actually evaluating other possibilities.

The entrepreneurial leader develops a distinctive and unique management style, which separates the company from its competitors and creates a path. This path creates a self-powering business flow which lasts for a long time and stretches beyond the first generation. Just think about the path Enzo Ferrari traced.

The next generations of businessmen and managers walk along this path and they will adapt the enterprise according to the change in the market they face.

The nose for business improves with exercise, it is refined by time and positive achievements but also by mistakes. Self-confidence increases and the entrepreneurial skills strengthen.

Those who are close to the leader become the first witnesses and the first to spread their skills both inside the company and outside.

The leader acquires an aura of strategical superiority which spreads energy and enthusiasm inside the company, thus favoring and encouraging the skills of the leader’s coworkers and spreading this kind of leadership to all the levels of the organization.

Angelo Vergani
Contract Manager s.r.l.