Entrepreneurial Leadership –ES Economic synthesis, a characterizing element

Economic synthesis is the main distinguishing element of the entrepreneurial leader. Being able to make an economic synthesis means possessing the ability to combine in an original way the signals coming from the reference market with the reaction abilities of the company, in other words, with the technical-productive abilities with which the company is equipped.

Sometimes, the hidden or existing needs of clients can be the spark that kindles a certain business idea in the leader, or a new business possibility or a new way to improve the current performances.
Other times it’s the technical and human potential inside the company that provide the prompt for a new idea of business. Often, an entrepreneur may be inspired by the discovery of new technologies in other industries to come up with ideas for a new product or service to meet the clients’ needs in their own field of work.

It’s their natural attitude towards economy that distinguishes them. They are able to grasp the potentiality of a new technology or of a service way ahead of others and to put it to good use in a creative way in their own entrepreneurial plan.

An entrepreneur is like an artist, who paves their very own path on the landscape of art; however, the entrepreneur is gifted with a strong economic disposition. An entrepreneur is a “Homo Oeconomicus” and doing business is what gives them drive; they do business to gain a profit that will show the world their value.

During our countless meetings with entrepreneurs and managers, we’ve had the chance to study the characteristics of entrepreneurship and it has become clear that the ability of Economic Synthesis usually manifests at an early age, in high school or even earlier. Even at this young age, the entrepreneur starts doing business, they use their ability of economic synthesis with their school mates.

This ability has no age, it just clearly manifests at some point. The entrepreneurial leader possesses it and shares it within the organization.

Angelo Vergani
Contract Manager s.r.l.