Revenues up thanks to the internet

A company bets on digital marketing to grow

The problem

The company has been active in the furniture industry for several years, with products targeting a more mature segment of the population. The company invests in advertising via traditional media: print, radio, television. However, this strategy has started to show its weaknesses: the repetitiveness of the message has made it less appealing, and the cost of advertising has eaten into profitability.

The company had already commissioned an analysis of advertising cost trends and of the evolution of purchasing habits. The strategic proposal emerging from this was to develop web advertising, given its great economic benefits and the growing familiarity with online purchasing of senior consumers.

The solution

 The company was provided with support in the management of digital marketing. The aim was to use digital means to reach out to new prospects, while acting in tandem with traditional channels of communication. Analysis showed that senior consumers are far from hostile to use of the internet. On the contrary, there are plenty of over 65-year-olds who feel at home with new technologies, many of whom are active users of social media.

The decision was made to invest in social media with targeted campaigns on Facebook and other social channels, with very positive results.

The following other initiatives were undertaken:

  • Renewal/creation and registration of the company’s trademarks
  • Creation of more professional and graphically appealing interactive websites
  • Development of an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) approach, improving the web authority of their different websites and leading to better Google ratings and a stable presence on the first page of search results
  • More targeted web campaigns
  • The inclusion of their website address in TV commercials, encouraging consumers to make further searches

The positive outcome of the project is the result of both the measures taken and of the unexpected findings of the analysis of the internet habits of more mature consumers. The company’s decision to wholeheartedly embrace digital marketing set it on the road to success.  This alchemy of entrepreneurial insight, ability to envisage the future and digital skills, mixed with just the right amount of humility, has allowed the company to grow revenues. This, despite the fact that in theory that should have been at a disadvantage, given their target consumers.