Commercial reorganization of a world leading packaging company


The company has worked for 40 years in the entertainment packaging industry. It is one of the most qualified companies in the industry worldwide. Over the past eight years, the company has seen significant growth, thanks to some interesting international patents that were well received by the market. For over five years, however, the company has suffered from very high turnover in the Sales and Marketing area, culminating in the recent loss of the Commercial Director. In addition to the predictable organizational gap this has left, the company has suffered from the lack of a clear commercial policy for its four main markets (Italy, France, Germany and the UK) and of a proper information flow. This has resulted in a weakened internationalization process and in the loss of some important customers. It has thus become vital to regain control of its Sales and Marketing operations and to provide them with stability and a clear strategy. This would allow the company to exploit the huge potential of its products, much appreciated for their uniquely Italian creativity, in terms of both packaging solutions and materials used and graphic design.


Contract Manager s.r.l. is tasked with searching for a Commercial Director with solid international experience. An interim manager is selected in a very short time and takes up his position in the client company. The commercial reorganization project is scheduled to last 18 months. After 2 months spent assessing the current situation, four main objectives are identified:

  • Improved customer service, especially in export markets
  • Reduced staff turnover, to achieve greater stability
  • Definition of a coherent commercial policy
  • Improved communication within the company

The following action plan is drawn up:

  • Review of the commercial team, redistributing the customer care workload by area, type and number of customers; development of skills and motivation
  • Increase in visits to customers, with improved planning to make visits more regular
  • Introduction of a new commercial reporting system (sales statistics)
  • Weekly meetings with Area Managers and bi-monthly meetings with agents
  • Fortnightly one-to-one meetings with Area Managers to monitor sales results and to check alignment with group and personal targets

To improve customer care in export markets, there is a thorough review of the following functions:

  • Marketing
  • Quotations
  • Research and Development

The assignment closes to the full satisfaction of the client company, recognizing the full achievement of all agreed objectives. In particular, these are the consolidation of the company’s international positioning, higher revenues and a strengthened, more stable commercial structure.