Government incentives (grants, tax relief, soft loans)

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Government incentives are provided by institutions ranging from the EU to local government. They offer companies the means to invest in R&D, technological innovation and sustainability projects with the aim of improving competitiveness and reducing time to market.

Tax relief

Tax credit for research, development, innovation and design

This measure is designed to encourage investment in research, development and technological innovation to improve competitiveness and to support digital transformation processes in the area of circular economy and environmental sustainability.

Industry 4.0 tax credit

The aim is to encourage investment in tangible and intangible assets, aligned with the targets of National Transition Plan 4.0

Training 4.0 tax credit

Designed to set up new training programs to promote digital and technological transformation plans, as provided for in National Transition Plan 4.0.

Regional, national and European grants

Grants, and invitations to apply for them, may be divided into two categories: regional / national grants and European grants.

Regional / national grants

These programs are designed to lay the foundations for the development of the industrial and agricultural economic infrastructure of our country. They represent a considerable benefit for business owners and a chance to make their enterprises more competitive.

European grants

These are the main financial means by which the European Union aims to achieve its strategic targets. They represent a great opportunity for companies seeking to develop research and technological innovation projects. They also allow companies to grow their international networks and build relations with other companies, public bodies and universities.

Our services

To support our clients who wish to invest in research, innovation and training, Contract Manager has created a new range of services, with a team of specialists in government incentives.
There are two areas of intervention.

Assistance in obtaining tax relief and tax credits:

  • Exploratory evaluation meeting
  • Verification of alignment with requirements and assessment of possible economic and financial benefits
  • Dossier production (technical report and certified appraisal) for allowable investments
  • Assistance in the case of evaluation or verification by the competent bodies

Assistance in applying for grants

  • Preliminary feasibility study;
  • Production and presentation of the application for the grant, as per relevant rules and regulations;
  • In the case of positive outcome, technical and financial reporting as requested by the competent body, both final and as the project progresses.

Gli interventi nell’area Finanza Agevolata hanno una durata variabile tra 2 a 6 mesi.

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