Management vacancies in Human Resources

A sudden, unexpected vacancy in the Human Resources area in an engineering company facing a delicate moment of growth

An Interim HR Manager to manage the entire Human Resources area

The Problem

The company works for the automotive industry and has several production units in Italy and abroad. It is experiencing steady growth thanks to the innovative solutions it offers. All of a sudden its largest and most important plant, with two trade union representations, finds it has a vacancy in HR that needs covering. There are no particular difficulties. There are no upcoming organizational changes, but it is necessary to oversee ongoing processes and take an active part in negotiating the renewal of the company labor agreement

The goals of the Interim HR Manager


A qualified manager from Contract Manager is called in to take up the role of plant HR Manager and to achieve the goals agreed together with the client company:

  1. To take up with immediate effect the role of plant HR Manager
  2. To manage relations with the plant personnel in all ordinary and extraordinary activities
  3. To handle relations with the plant’s trade union representatives under guidelines provided by the Industrial Relations Manager
  4. To take part in the process of renewal of the company labor agreement.

The Interim HR Manager’s tasks


Coming in to form part of the company organization, and more specifically, of the plant in question, maintaining constant dialogue with all stakeholders involved.
Reorganizing the management of fixed-term personnel, resulting from a recent change in legislation (the so-called “dignity” decree-law).
Making necessary changes to shifts and timetables to ensure that commitments to customers are met.
Managing internal human resources face sudden, unexpected increases and decreases in orders.
Taking part in the negotiations for the renewal of the company labor agreement, together with the Industrial Relations Manager, making counter-proposals for the plant under their care and challenging the union’s demands.


Thanks to Contract Manager’s plan and to the actions taken by the qualified Interim HR Manager, the company achieved the goals set out at the start of the project. The company climate was in no way damaged by the sudden vacancy, rather it improved and issues with plant personnel were systematically and effectively solved. Relations with internal customers and with the union representatives were excellent.

The negotiations for the renewal of the company labor contract ended with all parties signing the agreement, in line with the company’s budget requirements and with no negative impact on climate. Thus they avoided strikes and stoppages that would have caused considerable damage to a growing company working in just-in-time mode.